20 Unique Facts to Know About Babies Mandatory Parent

20 Unique Facts to Know About Babies Mandatory Parent

Not all the facts about the baby known to the public especially parents. Find out any interesting facts about the doings of the baby so that parents are not surprised.

Whatever the ethnic background, all babies are born with a skin colored slightly pink due to the baby's skin is still very thin so the color of the blood vessels visible.

there are some other facts that are rarely known to the public, namely:

1. Newborns recognize that he heard his mother's voice at birth, about 14 days later, just learning to recognize the voice of his father.

2. Newborn babies are always born with blue eyes, but the color can be changed in a few minutes after birth.

3. The baby's face is changing very fast, usually a baby's face will look very different in a few days.

4. Boys and girls born with little breasts swell. This is because the baby receives the intake of female hormones from the placenta before birth.

5. Infants up to the age of 6-7 months could breathe and swallow at the same time, while adults can not.

6. Babies do not have sweat because the sweat glands have not developed completely.

7. Fingerprints will be formed when the baby is 3 months old.

8. Newborns only focus on objects within 25 cm of the nose, it is estimated the distance from the mother's breast to the baby's eyes.

9. Babies often seen smiling while on ultrasound, but the birth of a baby ruin the mood so rarely smiled for about 1 month after birth.

10. No matter what date the baby was born, but at the same date he will share a birthday with about 9 million people worldwide.

11. At birth a baby's brain is composed of more than 10 million nerve cells.

12. The average baby will not shed tears when crying until the age of 3-6 weeks.

13. Right or left hand which will be predominantly used by a baby has been determined since the age of 10 weeks gestation in the womb.

14. The weight of a newborn baby's head by a quarter of the total body weight.

15. Newborns will not have the kneecap, the baby will develop between the ages of six months to one year.

16. Babies have a very strong sense of smell, making it easy to recognize the baby's mother through smell alone.

17. One in ten babies born have at least one birthmarks.

18. Babies breathe faster than adults is about 30-50 times in one minute, while the adult is about 15-20 times a minute.

19. Babies often feel nervous or afraid of new foods. To fix this try playing a little with the food or put a little food on his index finger.

20. The fetal heart begins beating 3 weeks after conception.