20 Unique Facts to Know About Babies Mandatory Parent

20 Unique Facts to Know About Babies Mandatory Parent

Not all the facts about the baby known to the public especially parents. Find out any interesting facts about the doings of the baby so that parents are not surprised.

Whatever the ethnic background, all babies are born with a skin colored slightly pink due to the baby's skin is still very thin so the color of the blood vessels visible.

there are some other facts that are rarely known to the public, namely:

1. Newborns recognize that he heard his mother's voice at birth, about 14 days later, just learning to recognize the voice of his father.

2. Newborn babies are always born with blue eyes, but the color can be changed in a few minutes after birth.

3. The baby's face is changing very fast, usually a baby's face will look very different in a few days.

4. Boys and girls born with little breasts swell. This is because the baby receives the intake of female hormones from the placenta before birth.

5. Infants up to the age of 6-7 months could breathe and swallow at the same time, while adults can not.

6. Babies do not have sweat because the sweat glands have not developed completely.

7. Fingerprints will be formed when the baby is 3 months old.

8. Newborns only focus on objects within 25 cm of the nose, it is estimated the distance from the mother's breast to the baby's eyes.

9. Babies often seen smiling while on ultrasound, but the birth of a baby ruin the mood so rarely smiled for about 1 month after birth.

10. No matter what date the baby was born, but at the same date he will share a birthday with about 9 million people worldwide.

11. At birth a baby's brain is composed of more than 10 million nerve cells.

12. The average baby will not shed tears when crying until the age of 3-6 weeks.

13. Right or left hand which will be predominantly used by a baby has been determined since the age of 10 weeks gestation in the womb.

14. The weight of a newborn baby's head by a quarter of the total body weight.

15. Newborns will not have the kneecap, the baby will develop between the ages of six months to one year.

16. Babies have a very strong sense of smell, making it easy to recognize the baby's mother through smell alone.

17. One in ten babies born have at least one birthmarks.

18. Babies breathe faster than adults is about 30-50 times in one minute, while the adult is about 15-20 times a minute.

19. Babies often feel nervous or afraid of new foods. To fix this try playing a little with the food or put a little food on his index finger.

20. The fetal heart begins beating 3 weeks after conception.

Baby Sleep Training-how to Mimic the feeling of the uterus

Baby Sleep Training-how to Mimic the feeling of the uterus, Throughout the beginning of their lives, babies accustomed to an environment: the womb. It can be quite shocking to come up with so many new incentives in a new world, and it can cause a feeling of insecurity in baby. The best way to help baby sleep better substantiated, the transition, and feel safe is to mimic some of the feelings of the uterus.

Characteristics of The Womb

So what does the uterus that your home does not have? Let's think about the environment baby is familiar with:

A lot of white noise-he used to a very noisy environment, what with the sounds from outside mixing with the sound of the machines of the body
Tight situation-he is used to existing in a very small space, where everything is close together
Feeling supported-he is used to being touched and supported on the sides and the bottom of the womb, which gives a feeling of comfort touch
Fetal position-he is accustomed to laying in the fetal position, with arms and legs drawn up and close to the body
If you read this, the birth would seem to come as a relief. The uterus is not very comfortable for us, but the baby, it is at home. You can help baby sleep through the transition and mimicking some of these qualities

Why Does This Feeling Help Baby Sleep? We have already spoken about this, but it is important enough to say again. Babies, even in the womb, are extremely sensitive to emotions and feelings. Like you, no baby not sleep well if they are not relaxed and safe feeling.

It comes as a domino effect: If the baby is anxious or emotionally upset in a different way, they can relax. If they can't relax, and go to bed and let your hair, she gets more upset, making it even longer to relax. Until she relaxes, she can't fall asleep, and cry.

Swaddle baby

Cloths baby can help her relax and unwind, because it mimics the close quarters of the uterus. Babies can be unsettled by the free use of the arms and legs after the birth, a feeling that they had not in the uterus. In addition, babies tend to fall asleep and wake up a little snatch on can be rocked by this on themselves or natural movements.

Cloths baby all the time is fine for the first month of life, after that, baby needs access to her arms and legs in order to develop properly. However, you can still swaddle baby for NAPs and at night to help her sleep.

So what is swaddling?

Wrap tightly in swaddling is child a blanket to mimic the feeling of the uterus. Cloths baby safety and compact feeling reminds of the uterus.

How the baby swaddle

Put a baby blanket on the floor and fold one corner to the Center about 6 inches
Lay baby on her back on the rug, with her head on the corner panels. The head of the rug should, so it's pretty
Take the corner at left hand baby and pull it to the right about baby, with confirmation under baby-
Fold the bottom of the blanket in the direction of the kin of the baby, accompanied by babies feet
Take the angle at the right hand of the baby and pull it about baby on the left, securing under baby-

Important tips
Swaddle baby if she is full, clean and dry. Canvases is intended to a comfortable, soothing experience for baby, and if they somehow, they will in restless bad memories associate with towels.
Not swaddle baby if it's very warm. Keep baby from overheating, if it's very hot outside or not swaddling is when the baby is in a warm room. This is especially important when the baby goes to sleep, if overheating is a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome.
Listen to baby-so that you know when she wants to look like. Baby will kick or squirm as she wants to be free, so beware of these actions. Let baby out if you know that she is uncomfortable, or feel can lead to stress and keep baby relax.
Not swaddle baby-constant after the age of one month. She needs access to its limbs in order to develop fully.

Action Points:
Find or buy a baby blanket
Practice cloths a pop before it on your life, squirming baby
Pay attention to the reaction of the baby to be wrapped and, where necessary, correct
Strategies for mimicking the womb baby Baths in a bucket

There are plenty of products that provide an alternative for a mini-adult-like bath. Pools can be a central relaxation room instrument every day to baby sleep help, usually because it is immersed in water reminds them of being in the womb.

Of course you can see that how you in bad baby is an important part of helping baby calm down and fall asleep. Babies feel most comfortable

What you should look for in security products for babies

Baby care products - what you should look for in security products for babies, Find out what baby care products should be looking for can be an annoying and stressful experience for first-time parents. The child's safety is very important, and the anticipation of the responsibility that being a new father passes necessarily generally along with pamphlets, brochures and books flooded countless dozens listing of essential products you will need to purchase and install.

A very important consideration for your new baby is the matter of temperature. It is easy for young children to be very cold, especially in the hands and feet, so make sure that you have a lot of baby clothes, rompers or sleepers, and articles to cover small extremities, such as gloves and booties. It is important to make sure that the baby's head is always covered, as a good amount of heat is lost through the head, and for this reason, a cap or hat is important. This is particularly true if the child is born during the winter months.

Much has been written about how to make sure that your baby is safe while sleeping in his crib or bassinet. Ensure that sleep sideways or upside above and not to use pillows, comforters or loose toys, since you can easily cover your baby's face, resulting in difficulty breathing possible. Keep in mind that cribs and cribs must meet ASTM standards and federal, so if yours purchase of one of the most important manufacturers you can be sure that these are met.

It is also important to make sure that your baby is sleeping in a room that has a suitable temperature. There is a wide range of thermometers for babies available that indicate clearly that the optimum temperature for your baby nursery. If the room is quite hot, then it is important not to use sheets of polyester, and to remove any plastic wrapping that may be around the mattress. Make sure that you have plenty of blankets for babies and warm smooth suits or rompers, where the temperature is too low.

There are a huge number of safety devices for babies available to help protect your baby against various dangers that an average family home presents. From the doors of the baby at the door caps, plugs electrical output to fireguards - the number and the variety can be overwhelming. But to think of products for the care of the baby, it is easy to forget that many of these articles could be best described as products for child care. It will be several months before your baby is a chance to get anywhere near any of these domestic dangers.

For this reason, it is generally recommended for new parents to concentrate on those products that really are going to need in the first days and weeks of the arrival of your new baby. Bathrooms and bottles are of particular importance. As a mother, if you've decided to breastfeed your baby or bottle that is good advice to have milk and baby formula bottles ready just in case.

You will also need to make sure that you have a way to sterilize baby bottles, and may well be advisable to practice sterilization and make bottles of milk. Make sure that the glass bottles are: Canada has banned the use of plastic bottles, due to the possible content of Bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles from polycarbonate, and many environmental organizations suggest that other countries should do the same because of its possible effect adverse on the endocrine system, responsible for the regulation of hormones in the body.

With regards to transportation, car seats are vital and have to buy this before arriving home baby. If there is a product for the care of the baby that must buy new. This is not the time to give a chance to the second-hand goods, the story that does not know, and any child seat could have been previously damaged without your knowledge. Also, be sure to check the expiration date - Yes, they have a - and the seat is oriented toward the rear until your child has more than one year of age and at least 20 tanks, when he or she can switch to a forward-facing seat.

It is impossible to know for sure what baby products for the care of your own baby will take the best of. When you have bought a crib or cradle of good quality, with sheets and adequate blankets, a large number of diapers and changes of clothes for the first few days and are confident in the use of baby milk bottles and sterilizers, then it is likely that will enjoy the first days of having your baby, although in its is

Legging Anak Cowok dan Cewek Nissen

Legging dengan tampilan seperti jeans cocok untuk anak cewek ataupun cowok. Tersedia dalam berbagai ukuran. Dijual dalam paket isi 3 dan juga satuan.

Ada 4 ukuran* :
- 85: 45cm full length, 80-90cm height fitted ( 1Y)
- 95: 50cm full length, 90-100cm height fitted ( 1-2Y)
- 105: 55cm full length, 100-110cm height fitted ( 2-3Y)
- 120: 60cm full length, 110-120cm height fitted ( 3-4Y)

Harga per paket (isi 3): Rp 135.000
Harga satuan: Rp 50.000

klik gambar untuk tampilan lebih besar.